Culture of Care


As members of Newport-South Coast alumnae group, we champion authentic sisterhood that challenges women to become better versions of themselves.  This is the Delta Gamma Culture of Care.  

Because we care for and respect each other and our differences, we pledge as follows:

As chapter members: We will do our part to make sure everyone is seen, heard and valued.  We will help build a culture that is diverse, safe, welcoming, and inclusive by taking action to ensure that unwelcome, offensive, discriminatory, or harassing language and behavior is not tolerated in our chapter.

As chapter leaders:  We pledge to commit our leadership and resources to fostering a Culture of Care at every level and in all aspects of our chapter and Fraternity.  Through this commitment we will challenge each other to become better versions of ourselves, honor and respect each other’s differences and hold each other and our chapter accountable to the standards of Delta Gamma.